Commander Evren Kızı

Evren Kızı was born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada to Hisham Onder and Zeynep Kızı on November 10th, 2071.  Both Evren’s parents worked in the space program; her father Hisham was a medical physician who worked on the ground with astronauts before and after missions.  Evren’s mother Zeynep however was a structural engineer who regularly traveled between orbital stations and both the Lunar and Martian colonies.  Zeynep helped build the first permanent structures of the Martian homestead, most notably Bradbury Landing, a launch site which would prove pivotal for mass-return trips to Earth as well as deep space expeditions in the decades to come.  Evren developed an early love for space travel while accompanying her mother on a number of trips to Mars during her adolescence.  She graduated from Queen’s University in 2093 and soon after was already piloting missions to mining asteroids.  On May 14, 2101, Evren first served as Commander for the inaugural launch of the deep space explorer (DSE) Thea from the Martian shipyards.  She has since commanded 4 more deep space missions, both on the Thea and its sister ship, the DSE Aleph.  Evren’s most recent mission launched June 23, 2108 on the Thea, bound for the Jupiter system.

Contact with Commander Kızı was lost at 13:00 hours on August 1st, 2108.  Current status unknown.

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